Assalamualaikum. I pray all of us will be always fine. InsyaAllah. Ameen. 🙂

Just for a special introduction why I chose Islam as my path & as may way in life.

Becoming a Muslim is about change; it is about drawing closer to the Creator, Allah The Almighty (Allah swt) & consciously living your life in line by the One who created all things with love & mercy.

Allah is guidance to a mankind. Al-Quran & Hadiths is not just a books. By following the Sunnah is a fundamental part of Islam. Allah orders us in numerous places in the Al-Quran to obey Him & to obey the messenger, Muhammad saw. Alhamdulillah, the Sunnah have been kept until presently. If we fail to study both the Quran & Hadiths, we fail to become a truly Muslims. They have a basic teachings of Islam that forms a whole way of life; a way of thinking & a way of dealing with life’s problems.

Prayer in Islam is a worship of Allah the Almighty, Praising & Thanking Him, acknowledging His Sovereignty & committing 1 self to obey & remember Him at all times. It is the central part of a way of life, which is based on submission to the Owner of all creatures in this world (Allah swt).

My prayer is not an empty ritual. It is our way of life. We pray when in happy, sad, poor, rich, old, young or even when almost die. Only to the Allah, we asking for forgiveness & helps.  

That is why i chose Islam. Alhamdulillah He took me to became Muslims until i die. InsyaAllah. The creed of Islam guides us through the ups & downs of life, steering us to success in this life & the next.


May all get blessing from Allah. Ameen. Wassalam. 🙂


About fzfain88

islam. moderate. programmer. did all because allah. :)

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