Status : Ayer Keroh Melaka Central Toll System @ Workshop I for Diploma in Information Technology at  UTeM.

Description: Ayer Keroh – Melaka Central expressway (AKMC) Toll System is a proposed highway that will be built as an upgrade to the current Lebuhraya Ayer Keroh. This project is designed to improve the overall traffic of Malacca. In order to create an efficient and effective highway, a comprehensive and concise toll system must be developed.

This system needs to be implemented in order to create sufficient revenue for the expressway maintenance so on and so forth. The purpose of this system is to create plausible toll system for the upcoming AKMC Toll System expressway. This system will complement the highway expressway by providing an effective toll and traffic statistic collecting mechanism.

 Technologies Used:  VB.Net, PHP, MSSQL; and Windows XP.

 Roles: Programmer, Software Tester

 Team Size: 4 persons

Preview :

 AKMC Toll System


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