Status : Merit Demerit System @ Final Project for Bachelor in Computer Science (Software  Engineering) at  UTeM.

 Description: INTEGOMB’s MDS was developed to manage details about the student’s contributions  information in curriculum & co curriculum; & demerit points of misconducts. The proposed system is able to  eliminate the redundant data problems, reduce space constraints for data storage, lesson errors in data  capturing while increase users’ accessibility & security.

 Technologies Used: PHP, Fire Bugs, Fire PHP, Ajax, MySQL; and Windows XP.

 Roles: Programmer, Software Tester

 Team Size: 1 person

Clients : SBPI Gombak. Currently in progress to propose for SK Subang Jaya.

Contact me for negotiate. 

 Preview :

Merit Demerit System.


About fzfain88

islam. moderate. programmer. did all because allah. :)

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  1. source says:

    Cool work. Hopin’ for a sequel.

  2. vitamin says:

    You have mentioned very interesting details! ps decent site.

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  4. ndaimtiyaz says:

    Salam. Nak tau, boleh buat sistem ni utk kegunaan Hal Ehwal Pelajar, Maahad Tahfiz Negeri Pahang tak? kami berminat dengan program ni, Sila hubungi Dr Nik Rahim – 014 820 7111 (

  5. Zul Helmie says:

    i need the coding for this system can i have the coding for reference
    call me zul helmie – 0145337262
    this is my e-mail –

  6. fzfain88 says:

    Wassalam. I already gave the feedbacks to you ndaimtiyaz. Thank you for interested. May Allah bless. 🙂

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