Status : UTeM Vehicle Management System @ Workshop II for Bachelor in Computer Science (Software Engineering) at  UTeM.

 Description: UVMS for online computerized system is hoped to be one of the requirement needed by UTeM to  manage the security tasks like management of a users, vehicles, summons and stickers are well-organized in  a modern university lifestyles. This system could be also applied for other universities as an alternative way to  make flow of works in the security department become more competent. It is also reduces the loss of data  when recorded in a programmed system which is put aside in a locked database. The information of users  would be more secretive to Security Guards and Traffics as long as they need it to make summons’ and  stickers’ registration or check registered summons list while offers the module of pending sticker registration to  arrange categorized user. By developing the system as online, it will encourage the entire target users and  other related stakeholders to using up to date Information Communication Technology (ICT) mainly as online.

 Technologies Used: CakePHP, PHP, Fire Bugs, Fire PHP,  MySQL; and Windows XP & 7.

 Roles: Programmer, Software Tester

 Team Size: 4 persons

 Client: UTeM.


 UTeM Vehicle Management System


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