Assalamualaikum. I pray that your life would be beautiful as our friendship. InsyaAllah. Ameen. 🙂

We are always being far from each other, far far away. Even thousand steps, i would not find u after this if im not breathing. Thats why i would not let the chance going out easily when i get the opportunities. Until now, i just hope & pray we will meet again before i go.

But friend, distance is never break my love for this friendship. I miss u friend. Miss u very much. I miss your laugh, I love your advice, I miss your smile. & the fact is I miss everything about my real friend (u).

Friend, now I am getting so weak, always want to be aware of & get support from all. I know u never need me. But i always need u to stay beside me, together with my family. Friend, i would not force u if u dont want. I know u also have your own feeling. U are just most a good friend i ever had. Dont asking me why i chose u to be my real friend. I dont have the answer. I just think this is from God for me.

I never pray to get u as my real friend. I just pray i can meet a real friend that i will bring her together to accompany me whenever i go to Jannah, InsyaAllah.

But i know God has determined all this for me. & i hope u would be understand. At this time, within a minutes, i still missing u. Because i still cant get a chance to meet u. I really want to meet u even for a while, to talk with u, to share every memories & life, to say thank u for every helps & dua’ u had been giving me.

Until now, i am so grateful..

Syukur to Allah swt for give me a special gift like u as my friend for everlasting. Now i realized that i cant have u even i have a million ringgit to buy u to become my real friend.U are too expensive to buy. I did not need everything from u friend, i just need your sincerity to build this friendship as beautiful as the heaven if we could make it.

I always pray that we are gonna be success in this earth & heaven. Thank u for being my friend dear. With ukhuwwah, we will always care, insyaAllah.

Wassalam. 🙂


About fzfain88

islam. moderate. programmer. did all because allah. :)

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  1. mutiara says:

    waalaikumussalam..thanks a lot my real make me feel important..i know i can’t get a better friend like you..i just want you to know that i’m really grateful to have you as my real friend..Allah give you as a gift to guide me to be a better person..i’ll appreciate this friendship.everything because of Allah..:)

    • fzfain88 says:

      hmmm. how u can find this post? i thought i just saved it as a draft. & not publish it yet. i wrote this post during my critical days. who knows if i can’t breath anymore, i hope my family can let u read this. only to appreciate my special friend. tq also mutiara. insyaallah we’ll always interdependant each other. u’re right. everything because of allah. 🙂

    • gg says:

      ai post utok mutiara dah ader,,bila post utok fain cik mutiara nk cipta..Xsabo gg nak bace,suka tacing2x nie……Shhhhh secret post r xyah bg si fain n seisinyer baca ekkkkk,,,,Konporm dier frust der.,Wahahaaaaa..jokes jokes jer{|:-)

  2. gg says:

    owh ghupenyer ada post yg lagik sedeyh r pun dah penoh 1 besen nie bc post dr fain.,,Hebak english korunk ekk??Nk ckap bi plak deme rasa..Hope friendship till die.Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,(#_#)

    • fzfain88 says:

      sedih ye. ia lahir dr hati fain. masa type ni sedih sgt. bengkak2 mate fain. alhamdulillah allah selamatkan fain & beri peluang besar bt fain. tq atas segala doa2 mereka pd fain. smg allah redha. ameen. 🙂

  3. mutiara says:

    from masyitah everything is are very healthy and strong girl now. i’m really happy for it!grab this chance to be a better muslim. thanks for always being there for me fain. i never thought that Allah will give his love through a human called “sahabat”.now i realize it.i am really2 grateful to have you as my real friend..:)

    • fzfain88 says:

      ho. tq mutiara. alhamdulillah i grateful too. insyaallah i’ll grab this chance. tq also for being here whenever i’m. tq to allah for give all the nikmat iman & islam to us. so wonderful gift. alhamdulillah. 🙂

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