“daily we open our inbox in so varities of social networking applications, even in a Mobile, etc. & read/comment/chat  the messages sent by our friends & relatives. but how many time do we open the quran & read the Messages sent by allah swt?”…

these are great reminders for us:

1 – the Messenger of Allah said:

“whoever wants to to love Allah & His Messenger, then let him read the Mushaf.”

[‘Sahih al-Jami”; # 6289]

2 – ibn ‘Abbas narrated:

“al-Walid bin al-Mughirah (a polytheist) came to the Messenger of Allah. the Messenger of Allah recited the quran to him, & al-Walid seemed to become affected & softened by it. abu Jahl came to know of this, so  he came to al-Walid & said: “dont u see that your people are collecting charity for u?”

he said: “& why is that?”

abu Jahl replied: “so that they can give it to u, as they see that u went to Muhammad to get some of his food.”

al-Walid said: “quraysh knows that im of the wealthiest of its sons.”

abu Jahl said: “so, say to Muhammad saw something that would convince your people that u oppose him.”

al-Walid replied: “& what can I possibly say? there is not a single man who is more knowledgable of poetry@prose than i @even that of the Jinn & by allah, what he says bears no resemblance to these things. by Allah, what he says has a sweetness to it & a charm upon it; the highest part of it is fruitful & the lowest part of it is gushing forth with bounty; it dominates & cannot be dominated, & it crushes all that is under it.””

[reported by al-Hakim in ‘al-Mustadrak’ (2/506-507) & at-Tabari in ‘Jami’ al-Bayan’ (29/156), & it is authentic]

3 – jubayr bin Mut’im said:

“i heard the Messeger of Allah recite ‘at-Tur’ in the Maghrib prayer, & when he got to the verses {“were they created by nothing@were they themselves the creators? @did they create the heavens & the earth? No, but they have no firm Belief. @ are with them the treasures of your Lord? @ are they the tyrants with the authority to do as they like?”} [at-Tur; 35-37], my heart wanted to fly from my body out of awe.”

[tafsir Ibn Kathir’; 4/309]

4 – uthman bin ‘Affan said:

“if our hearts were truly pure, we would never get enough of the Words of our Lord, & I hate that one day passes with me not looking in the Mushaf.”

[al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah’; 7/215]

5 – Ibn Abi Mulaykah narrated:

“‘ikrimah bin Abi Jahl used to press the Mushaf to his face and cry, saying: “The Book of my Lord! The Words of my Lord!””

[reported by ‘Abdullah bin al-Mubarak in ‘al-Jihad’; # 56]

6 – bishr bin as-Sirri said:

“verily, each verse is like a date: the more you chew it, the more of its sweetness is released.” abu Sulayman heard this & commented: “True. it is the case with one of u that if he begins 1 chapter of it, he wants to read it to the end.”

[al-Hadith fi ‘Ulum al-Qur’an’; p. 70]

should we read the quran with understanding??

“& we have indeed made the quran easy to understand & remember, then is there any that will remember (@ receive admonition)? ” (quran, 54:17)

we still can write@read the messages/comments/chats from the mobile & what so varities of social networking applications, but in moderately & not more than exceeding the appropriate.

since none of us want to be misguided, it is paramount not only to read@recite quran, but to understand & implement it in our lives as well. collect all the good deeds & just leave all the bad things that hated by allah swt. insyaallah life is more better in the hereafter too.

wassalam. 🙂


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