as salam 🙂

http (hyper text transfer protocol) is an application level in OSI (open systems interconnect) layer. http will presents the data. it is use to transfer hypertext document that written using html (hyper text markup language) with hyperlinks. 🙂 #httpmadereallyeasy

because it is the only 1 protocol use to communicate with a web browser & web server to deliver the information thru a web pages. plus, HTTP language is compatible with any client & server. added when i typing http:// at the URL, i can view a correct path for a file location. and the pages i get from a server can be presented with a correct formatting too. not same when i just typing the at URL address, some of the pages cannot be displayed very well although i will get the same contents. 🙂 #importanttolearnhttp

wassalam 🙂


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