assalamualaikum. today i would like to tell the whole world about my story. 🙂

at 5years ago, i met 1 of the kind person who is also help me to live better as a muslim. my family & she were realized me that i need to push myself to the right path. she is my senior, she is my sister. i call her ‘sis’ because i already assumed her as my family too. now i know that nobody will change me, except my own self. we have faced the challenges together. she was really good to me & that is why i love her so much as i  love my family & my own self.

as my appreciation to her, i had decided to create a simple video between our relationship as a sisters about 5 1/2 years. i hope this “ukhuwwah” will reach to the Jannah Syurga Allah swt. until this seconds, i still remember her whenever, whoever, whatever i am. & i hope she will remember me too even a little. at least pray for me in her du’a always. may allah blessing this ukhuwwah. insyaallah.  ameen 🙂

below is a special video for u sis. thank u for everything. 🙂

wassalam 🙂


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