assalamualaikum. i pray all the creatures would be fine always. insyaallah. ameen 🙂

alhamdulillah. im still alive. has 10 fingers to type all the words here by using my super keyboard. hahaaa. not super actually. just a ‘special’ to me.

tonight i would like to intro u guys about the sweet logic. very very very sweet when u know about it more.

sweet logic (surprise, surprise, surprise) hold the hands of home tuition job since 2009. i have met 2 kinds of cat. cute cat & fat cat.

at that time, there is only 1 computer has been used to working from home.

with a mind set of a Beginner & a crazy Determination.

the purpose of sweetlogic: to solve problems with internet innovation without much resources. but this is an old story.

Now, in 2012: sweet logic has been successfully made the home tuition great. & now still working hard for

the best here is THEY HAVE FUN WITH ALL THESE.


here, all of us can spread our enthusiasm, creativity & make investment for funding.

so now, let read some more about sweetlogic. tq 🙂

wassalam 🙂


About fzfain88

islam. moderate. programmer. did all because allah. :)

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