Assalamualaikum.  I pray all of you would be in a pink healthy. Insyaallah ameen. 🙂

Alhamdulillah. I’m still alive today to breathing in this Earth, the Earth that own by nobody, but only by the 1 creator for all the creatures which is Allah swt. Allahhu Rabbi.

Do you ever dream to be a ‘warrior’ ?

How much your energy to become a ‘warrior’?

How you know you are a ‘warrior’?

Are you really a ‘heart warrior’?

We want to live & die with these words.

Then How many years we’re living here? Some will answers it’s long & some it’s short. I’m not sure, but for me I thinked it’s too long. We’ve been facing many challenges in every journey that we took. But it’s not enough. It’s actually not enough for all of us & the readers here. Everyday we did a repeated things.

Wake up,






THEN, repeat again the same activities until die.

Until the one day we attend to the ‘Happy Circle’ event, our life has been changed. The circle has change our activities.

Change our dressing, Change our actions & Change our mind..

We have many things to do. We not just wake up from sleeping, praying, working, studying, eating & enjoying life, but we also CONTRIBUTE to all the creatures & the one creator .

The journey began when we walked away into the hall. We need to register in advance to get a note book, pen & our name tags. Once we got it all, our feeling start to be excited. We feel that Today is an Awesome Day. This is because, we got the opportunity to attend the ‘Happy Circle’. Since about a years we heard about the  ‘Happy Circle’, our mind were fully enough with many happily things. We ever want to enjoy that Circle but we didn’t know how to reach there. Alhamdulillah the day is today. Subhanallah, Wow,  the ‘Naqibah’ (speaker) must have a great way to deliver the texts/discussions. I myself whispered in my heart as We Support You (Allah). Of course, her Words also Have Power.

A few minutes later, she(Naqibah) came happily & welcomed us. She introduced herself to all of us. Then our time to get started to introduce (‘Taaruf’) self with each other. We never know each other. We never talk to them. We never walk with them. We never quarelling with, Hence we never meet them before. But we get started to know thyself after the ‘Taaruf Session’.  Our ‘Naqibah’ began her talks sessions as prescribed in a syllabus. In the early stages of talk, the feeling of the Extraordinary Patterns in ourselves has been exist. The Passion spirit has dominate into our mind. We Know We Can Be BETTER  after participate this beautiful good event.

A ‘Heart Warrior’ is a title for this circle. The title is good & really synonyms with ours. This World is Not Only a Game Which We Can Either Be A Winner or Loser, Here We Will Play Hard With Ourself to Must Be a Winner To Get The Right Door(Heaven), Not For The Wrong Door(Hell). It’s not easy to win that door without has high spirit in ourselves. It’s impossible to grab that door without being a heart warrior for ownself. In Whatever We’re Doing, We Will Go Beyond Our Limits to Achieve Our God’s Satisfaction. Undeniably, it’s quite difficult to control our ‘heart’. So, When There’s an Opportunity to Control, We Will Go For It until we get it.

We try to satisfy all the creatures around us. But they’re not satisfied with the services we gave. Some are torturing us, some are pointing the fingers directly to accuse us. We shouldn’t yell to them, instead we should love them,help them to move forward to Be A Positive. We know we shouldn’t make the creatures satisfy, but we should Make The Creator Satisfy With Us. From that time, we realized that We’re Responsible For Our Own Result for what we have did it. We have to face many challenges. We Love Challenges. We want to asking you, Do you love Challenges?

“Challenge is not be a problem. Everytime we get the challenges, We Will solve Challenges With Positive Energy.

There are always a +ve charge, not a -ve charge.”

In the hall, we are divided into certain groups. A lot of issues associated with our duty as a Caliph have been discussed. By gathering as a Team Work, we understand the rules & responsibilities to support each group members. When there is an unanswered by other group, we will give Team Support Willingness to Encourage Others to Do Well.

The more questions raised and discussed, We’re Mentally Tough. Although various scenarios given, although the rapid-fire questions & answers raised ground,  We Promotes Cancel Cancel, Go Away To Negative Thoughts to stay motivated all the time. Why need to think like this? Because we want to be a strong-minded Mental Heart Warrior to protect ourself from negative thoughts and influences.

“Rasulullah saw said:

We just returned from a small war to enter into a larger war. Friend was surprised and asked, What’s the war is it?

 “He said, The war against lust”.(HR Al-Baihaqi)”

The speaker also told about the Key Principle. We are advised to Align to Key Principles.. This is because, it is effective at all times to control the outcomes. Revenue is defined as reward from Allah as much as possible which is not so far achieved the ‘target’ set. In this context, there are two important things that play a big role. First is, don’t quickly give up. There’s No Failure. If  Wrong Result, just Change the Strategy.  The second is, For Things to Change, We ourself Must Change First. As same like if we want they are kind with us, love us, help us or whatever do a good deed to us, we must do first the same things to them. For the rest, just Give It To Allah swt.

The Eye Contact to Others is very important. To determine the impact of good communication, High Energy is required. Strategy is a key element of communication to reach a wise decision. Feelings of transfer must be there to help build a sense of self. All these elements are required in every soul of  the ‘Heart Warrior’ because it can contribute to Power Communication to win the creatures’ heart to do a good deeds.

“Indeed, the lust bring the evil”
(Surah Yusuf: 53) 

After nearly 2 hours there, we’ve learned a lot. We really want to Raise Our Standards! We’re our Energy. We’re willing to change first to achieve extraordinary results because we want to become a Heart Warrior.

Nothing is impossible in this life if what we do is Only for Allah swt & facing the challenges in a positive manner.

Last but not least, With Ukhuwwah We Must Always Care. Then we can be a Heart Warrior. Insyaallah .

**Bold statements: Keywords to be a ‘Heart Warrior’.

Originate from my own feeling & experiences. Not related to those who are still live or died.

Syukran for reading. Wassalam 🙂


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islam. moderate. programmer. did all because allah. :)

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  1. gg says:

    Wah syok bacer!buwat sendirik ek?dLm ayat2x pon ader motivation words!!Like like byk kali,, 🙂

    • fzfain88 says:

      terima kasih gg. fain buat sendiri bdasarkan pengalaman yg pernah fain lalui. if nk like byk kali, pastikan isiny pun tmasuk juga dlm minda ye. insyaallah. 🙂

  2. ah bees says:

    as salam fz….nice entry….:) byk kata2 nasihat. n teha x prnh pon duk dlm bulat gembira yg fz bgtau…..insyaallah semoga teha dpt join bulatan tu

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