as salam. i pray all of us would be healthy always. insyaallah. ameen 🙂

recently i had found something useful for us as a PHP developer. check it out.

i never knew this existed. PHP docbook online editor, a webapp for editing PHP documentation, written in ExtJS. 🙂 #viareddit


let’s try. don’t give up. thank u.

wassalam 🙂


About fzfain88

islam. moderate. programmer. did all because allah. :)

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  1. Many thanks good towards the good data. Plainly fair-minded wen up! We constantly perform not really icreasing upon those nevertheless think about a person do the animatedly buddy-buddy despoile as well as I’m undoubted many people suavity the actual much less anyhow.

    • fzfain88 says:

      alhamdulillah. i just shared what can i share to all. i’m really glad to see the satisfaction from all my readers. this is a public blog. so, any1 can read it. & just asking me for any help. insyaallah i’ll help u. tq morgan gutoski for coming here. enjoy 🙂

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