as salam. i pray everyone would be healthy. at least, u still can be breathing just like me. insyaallah. ameen 🙂

last night, i was found my real friend link that had been shared for her friend at FB’ s social network application.

i really didn’t understand what the link was mentioned about actually.  i just ‘like’ that link first & had just read it this morning. in addition, i can also try for a minutes since i’m on medical leave today.

well, now i just knew what the link was meant.

surprisingly, Yuna (my favourite singer) need my help to create first’s ever music video made entirely on the samsung galaxy note. my ideas will spark illustrations & animations that come to live w/in the video.  so just start sharing & sparkle with Yuna. hokay, this is for all yuna’s fan, not only me. heheee. enjoy.

so the 1st theme is ‘the spark of love’.

this is my ‘sketch’:

love is a gift from allah

i’m not hoping for anyelse. just want to be enjoy & i like to do something new @ might be simple so that i can be enjoy too. only just a minutes. 1st try from me.

just want to say GOOD LUCK to all of u who are also involve for this project. last but not least, a big tq for my dear cute friend, +Mun Mbs for her shared link. not bad & very good ideas also i thinked. i really love that site. it’s unique.


wassalam. 🙂


About fzfain88

islam. moderate. programmer. did all because allah. :)

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