as salam all & my pray is everyone would be healthy, better in this life. 🙂

alhamdulillah, thanks to allah for the forgiveness, helps & all things from Him. i knew who’s me without Him. i’m nothing without Him.  i had just finished the brain operation to remove all the blood clots in my head. allah & only allah knows what my feelings at that time. i always fainted, falling down everywhere because i really can’t stabilize my self before. now i’ve been given 2 months of sick leave to have fully recovered in my self. i have some problems to memorize all the past. i wish to try remember back what is my life actually right now. insyaallah this is the last operation & the 3rd operation i ever had.

the 1st operation  i had involved since i was a baby. i remember that time i was only in 4 months. still baby. my left feet was caught when i want to exit from the abdominal, during my mum gave birth to me. dr sean was the one doctor from the australia who’s responsible to complete the operation. alhamdulillah, i was saved. my feet had been sewn for a few meters.  i was cried all the time because it was so sick for a baby to facing this situation.  i need to wear a special shoes to repair my left’s leg posture after the operation until my age was 4 years.  i wore it all time, when i sleep, when i sit, when i eat, when i playing at anytime anyplace. the price of that shoes was so expensive. about rm400-rm500 per pair. i also the first small age baby who was involved in a big operation during the years. my parents said dr sean had made my operation in a world’s malaysia’s record.  alhamdulillah,  my feet are now had fully recovered despite have small thin of growth. i grateful for what i have now.

for the age of 21, i need to attend for the 2nd operation. the operation for backbone cancer.  i don’t know why i suddenly got that disease.  the operation named as a cyberknife surgery. it’s treats tumors anywhere at my spinal in a non-invasive way.  the beam can attack a cancer in my bone of the spinal column without hurting the sensitive spinal cord nearby my bone tissues. i had suffered from this disease about 5 years. alhamdulillah, i was saved for the 2nd time. but the operation cannot help me free from backbone cancer. i’m in a critical days every day i take a breath. my live was so dark.  i had tried many therapist, treatments on my body after that, but no one help. finally, for the last time, i was decided to just follow the treatment from darul syifa (islamic treatments which is using the quran’s versus) to recover many critical, cancer diseases. & alhamdulillah finally i was really free from the backbone cancer. i’m really happy this time.

i pray to allah & realize that allah has given me many opportunities to live this life back like a normal person. i’m really appreciate for my family’s sacrifices, my real friend, my friends & all who are understand/help me when i was sick before. may allah blessing u guys. insyaallah. ameen ya rabbal alamin. take a very good care everyone.

wassalam 🙂


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islam. moderate. programmer. did all because allah. :)

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