as salam. alhamdulillah still can see, can read, can walk, can eat, can smiles & most important can breath. because of the oxygen given, i can do many good deeds to pay back to Allah swt. insyaAllah u all can also do that. 🙂


def is a special form that doesn’t evaluate its first argument, but instead uses the literal value as a name.
reverse function returns a sequence of the items in the collection in reverse order.
count function returns the number of items in any collection.
map function applies a given function that takes one parameter to each item in a collection, returning a lazy sequence of the results. it can also apply functions that take >1 parameter if a collection is supplied for each argument. if those collections contain different numbers of items, the items used from each will be those at the beginning up to the number of items in the smallest collection. below map function that adds 3 to its argument.
🙂 #happy


wassalam 🙂


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islam. moderate. programmer. did all because allah. :)

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