assalamualaikum to all. alhamdulillah i can still breathing on this earth. i pray that all of us would be also healthy always. ameen. 🙂


i think it’s quite long time i’m not writing any posts. but on this september, i’ll post a new 1. i like September, i love Syawal. u know why?


because my real friend was born on this month. i’m grateful to Allah because Allah created her for me to be my friend. not just friend, but a real friend in my life. insyaAllah i’ll keep this gift until my last breath. i’ll give her everything i can to make her happy. i’ll try to do anything i can even to die for the sake of Allah.


these are not because she’s my real friend, but this is a gift from Allah. this is a trust from Allah. i don’t know how to tell everyone about this. i don’t know how to prove that this is a gift that i get from Allah. no one believe me, except You My Lord(Allah) & my lovely families.


i’m not hoping nor praying to get a real friend like her. i never dream to have a special friend 1 day. i never know how’s big the meaning of just friend, real friend, special friend or other types of friend. i know nothing. but once when i get it, i worked hard to understand about the meaning of every type of friends. from that, i’ve learnt how to appreciates, how to loves, how to take care & how to keep in touch the friendship forever.



i love cats so much. when i looked cats, i’ll imagine my real friend. all the cats are so cute. just like her. 🙂


so when the Syawal coming, i had planned various things. i’m so happy. i want to make surprise for her. the important thing i want to meet her. i already miss her so much. when i looked our photos, i felt so happy but at the same time i felt someone missing in my life. however it’s, her cute face can makes my heart feel calm. my dua’s for her everyday makes our friendship becomes so near even we’re apart.  alhamdulillah, i knew all these are from Allah. thanks to Allah very much.


i realize we’re not contacting each other for a long time recently. i’m worry if anything happen to her. i’m worry if i’ve make mistakes to her. i’ve tried many times to contact her, but no replies. i pray that Allah & she will forgives me for any mistakes i had done. i’m really sorry, i’ve hurting Allah & her many times. i don’t know what was happened. i must not do these anymore. ya Allah please show me the ways. i’ll work hard to keep praying more & more until now so that Allah will protects her everytime & help us.


days by days, time has changed. & my schedules also changed. my plan for her also need to be change. i know this isn’t anyone faults. i just planned,  but Allah planned it with better. i pray that i can plan any other things for her coming birthday. i loves my real friend. i don’t want to lost her. if Allah wants to take her, take me first because i know i also can’t survive without her. she’s like my families. i also can’t be strong when 1 of them missing. i pray that Allah will makes our ukhuwwah be longer more than my age. i meant to bring this friendship until Jannah. ameen ya rabbal alamiin.




wassalam. 🙂


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islam. moderate. programmer. did all because allah. :)

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  1. masyitah says:

    Hehe wonderful post!!! 😀

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